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HIDE is a multi-disciplinary project created in 2018 and during its first year has developed a clear and marked identity.

The aim of HIDE is to spread and develop a functional post-digital culture that is not only a mere narrative of the current historical period, but also a driving force for a proactive and future- oriented forma mentis.

“We feel helpless when it comes to the upcoming future, we blindly believe in the deity called “technology” and treat it as the only possible salvation from the ecological and social decline, yet we do not actively contribute to its development. The artistic proposal by HIDE project aims to spread (even just conceptually) the chance to use the instruments, in particular the digital ones that are available to us. HIDE thus embraces a post-digital idea of the world in which we play an active role and feel as a functional part of a whole system.”


inquiries or submissions at info[at]h-i-d-e(dot)net

Concretely, the outputs will focus mainly in the following activities and proposals:
✦ production and distribution of music publications. The focus of these publications will be shaped on: a specific artistic choice that embraces innovative research; a personal aesthetic that mirrors the project’s mission and does not follow the contemporary trends, but rather aims to offer a “what’s next” alternative in the musical scene.
✦ the production and distribution of M4L devices (Ableton), with a marked attention and interest in creating products that not only offer the users new ways of creating but also integrate what is missing in the contemporary panorama of the development of plugins for Ableton. We are trying to merge avant-garde GUIs to algorythms which allow users to produce music in the most free and creative way possible.
✦ developement of “Blinded Project”, a portable hybrid performance-installation, to raise awareness of the challenges that blind and partially-sighted people face when approaching either electronic music shows or music production with DAWs.
✦ the production and distribution of digital accessories for graphic designers or graphic lovers, such as personalized fonts or texture sets. Even in this case, the aim is to offer non-traditional graphic solutions.
✦ organization of events, concerts, workshops and art installation that in a way may contribute to the idea described in the manifesto.